Confessions of a Desert Dweller

It amazes me how just one sentence can shake a foundation, restore hope, or bring new depth to one’s perspective.

Right now I’m reading Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg. This book has sat on my shelf for years, unread. I have many books like this, but I’m learning there is a time for each one. Therefore, I no longer feel guilt over the dusty ones. Their time will come.

As did this one. And what struck me this morning was this one line of truth:

“It was in the desert that Jesus face the temptation to turn aside from doing the will of His Father, to take a shortcut to ruling the kingdoms of the world rather than the roundabout way of the cross.”

I’ve been a desert dweller for several months now. From that perspective and my full confession that I often choose to avoid pain if at all possible, I am struck with new love and apprection for what Jesus did. What only He could do.

I would like to think I would have done the same, but I pretty sure I would have buckled under the weakness of my sin. That’s what makes Him the perfect sacrifice for all time and eternity.

And I am inspired to remember this in the face of my own temptations. Jesus persevered under the most horrific treatment and conditions.

For me. For you.

I want to do the same. For Him.

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