Where Have I Been All My Life?

LOL! Couldn’t resist a little play on words there and take the opportunity to poke fun at myself since I haven’t been very active here. Understatement of the year, right? And it’s just March! Okay, done with the comedy.

Really and truly I want to blog more here and maybe I’m just talking to air. You can’t exactly expect to have a following when you don’t post much, but honestly and truly, so much of “me” is spent on our SpirituallyUnequalMarriage.com site. I love it there, I love our community there and right now that is where God had me working for Him. And it is glorious! I love serving God in whatever way He calls me to. That’s the greatest adventure in life!

I’m still starting my days with this phrase, “Your day, Your way, Lord.” I love His agenda. And that is where my life is at these days.

How about you? Where are you right now?


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