Author Dineen Miller

Stuck on a Baby

Seems the Holy Spirit has me reading the gospels, which makes complete sense considering we’re fast approaching Easter. I must say though I’m still stuck on the baby Jesus. In awe and wonder…

Still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the Creator of the Universe came into this world as a vulnerable, little baby…first. The magnitude of that boggles the mind. Such a sacrifice, so willingly and lovingly made.

He cried, crawled, toddled, walked, learned, grew and loved. Loved so well…

And so willingly headed for the garden…


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  1. O MY! “So willing headed for the garden!?” I am SO RELATING to this with the recent discovery of a flower pattern on the soles of my boots. Baby booties? My biggest desire these days is to take back God’s Garden and STOP the enemy from attacking His creation any longer. I have the Power and authority in me through Christ and the Cross.
    This speaks very profoundly and deeply to me Neen!
    Thank you. Bless you today and always in the relationship you have with Trinity. 🙂

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