How do I arrive at a speaking topic?

First, I want to hear from you all about your group and what needs you see. Then I begin with prayer, because I know God already has something in mind for your group.


Here are some of my speaking topics:

• (NEW!) Chosen, Transformed & Restored:

In this presentation I share seven key strategies the Holy Spirit showed me to transform my mind from a battlefield of lies, fears and anxiety to a place of peace and growing joy through the truth of Scriptures and my identity in Jesus. A transformed mind is the secret to walking in the power and strength we are given through our inheritance in Jesus Christ, and to bring change to our lives, our families and our communities. (Ministry Leaders, please allow time at the end of the presentation so that I may pray for those who are struggling with anxiety, fear and depression.)

• Four Key Truths to Trusting God:

This presentation reveals the four truths God showed me in Romans 8:28 and how we can view our life through this lens to even find purpose in our pain.

• The Message in the Manuscript:

We write with the hope of sharing a story that will touch hearts. This presentation will help writers and authors bring the message in their hearts into their stories and platforms.

• Rooted Marketing:

Rooted Marketing is about maximizing the writing process to minimize the marketing effort by intentionally planting seeds in your stories to be sown right before, during and after release as marketing tools. This course will help you you build in aspects in your story as your write it that can be used to promote your book. From these ideas you will be able to harvest most of the materials you will need to promote your book at every stage.

No matter what the topic is, my passion is to ignite the souls of others with words of truth—God’s Truth! And nothing excites me more than seeing another person realize those truths and promises are meant for her too. I love walking this faith adventure with others and sharing the nuggets I’ve mined from God’s Word and the messages God places on my heart to encourage and uplift others. For a complete calendar of my events, click HERE.


What people are saying…

“Love…transparency…open eyes and more God and His Spirit than you could imagine or dream of! That is the package God sent with Lynn and Dineen to Rancho Community Church! My dream for our body of women was to experience God “out of the box.” And we did through His divine anointing on them to be transparent and real. Lynn and Dineen are real women like you and me…but with bigger-than-this-life faith! They led us on a journey to dig out the junk God never intended for us to hold on to. As this played out, hands began to join, tears began to fall, and bondage was broken, leaving open spaces in our spirits for God to fill that day and beyond! God used these amazing ladies to begin a revival in our valley.”

— Jodie Taylor, women’s ministry organizer, Rancho Community Church – Temecula, California

“Lynn and Dineen are two extraordinary women of God. Our event was blessed with the Spirit of the Lord and with the joy and love these two women bring as they touch lives for God. Their vulnerability and love for women are tangible and life giving in the kingdom of God. And to see God speak into each and every woman’s life who attended was a sweet surprise. Not only those who were fortunate enough to attend were blessed but also those women who read their books and blog. I encourage women to not only read Lynn and Dineen’s books but also to gather women around them into small groups to study God’s word and the keys points of these books. Every marriage will be blessed.”

— Mary Doering, pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader, Christ the King Community Church – Kingwood, Texas

“I confess the longevity of being in a 38 year old unequally yoked marriage is sometimes a discouragement to me, but getting back into God’s presence, which was so real at this retreat, helped me to get my head on straight again. I can best describe what I encountered as a renewed JOY.”

— Martha Bush, conference attendee, Orange, Texas

Mismatched&ThrivingButton“Our consuming desire is that every woman would walk in the freedom, authority and power of her inheritance in Jesus Christ. As women, when we walk in this truth, our lives are ignited by Holy Spirit fire, and we bring a legacy of faith for the generations to come.

From our hearts to yours, our passion is to share these truths with women in a variety of settings such as conferences, retreats, and small group events.”
~Lynn & Dineen

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Dineen Miller speaking at Christ the King Community Church in Kingwood, Texas at their Intentional Life Conference. A sweet moment with God about feathers.