Restoring the Holy Spirit

I’m blogging over at S.U.M. today. Stop by and read about how God used a little Zebra Dove to prepare me for the Holy Spirit’s presence and restoration in my life. I want to share this with you so that you can walk in this same place of power and peace in His presence!


HiResMy precious friends, I am overwhelmed with joy in all that God is doing in our SUM community right now. The response to His call to “re-sign” has been astounding! ASTOUNDING!!! I. Am. In. Awe. I have inbox full of these wonderful requests so please be patient with me as I pray through each one. I will reply to every single email.

I want to share so much of this crazy journey God has Lynn and I on. We both will be doing this in the days and weeks to come. And it will go onward, I dare say. So please come with us!

So, let me start at a beginning, a preparation that God sent to me for what was to come.

While I was in Hawaii, my husband and would go and watch the sunrise on the beach each morning, then I would sit on our patio and read my Bible and praise God until my hubby came back out to share breakfast with me.

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