Once Lost, Now Friend

Today I read the story in Luke 5 of the paralyzed man Jesus forgives and heals. But what really caught my heart this time was his friends. They fought to bring their friend before Jesus. We have no details about them, anything they said or what their relationship was to this man, only that he was their friend.

So I allowed myself to imagine the scene. Who were these men and more importantly, what did they feel and believe?

I imagined their great determination. They believed Jesus was the answer to their friend’s need. They believed it so strongly that they fought a crowd of people to get him there. Maybe one of them took a look at the crowd and voiced his doubts of ever getting through. Then perhaps another brightened and said he had an idea.

What I find captivating is that in the light of what seemed almost too difficult, they didn’t give up. They took a risk. They didn’t stop fighting.

They believed. Tiles were moved. Their friend was healed.

Most likely some were offended because they butted in line. But thanks to their perseverance, a life was changed! And I’m thinking not just one life but all their lives.

These friends who so determinedly brought their friend before Jesus witnessed their friend’s healing. What they had fought for and believed in. I can imagine their joy. I can imagine their sense of accomplishment because they hadn’t given up. I can imagine how overwhelmed they were to realize they had served their friend as Jesus calls us to serve and pray for others. Then comes the humble realization that they were part of God’s plan for their friend.

I can imagine this because I’ve been there. Just recently in fact and in ways I never imagined. The only credit I can take is that I I followed God’s lead and obeyed. I joyfully served where He put me and was blessed beyond belief. I got to witness hearts and lives changed.

If you want to know details, read this post at the SpirituallyUnequalMarriage.com site. This week’s experiences has shifted my perspective a bit. Things that seemed so important before have slipped down the list a bit. And other areas have more clarity.

I want to be like one of those friends who moved roof tiles to get their friend before Jesus. I want to be that type of friend, mother, and most importantly, wife to my unsaved husband.

I’m praying for it. Why? Because Jesus moved heaven and earth to save me. He was and is that friend to me. And serving Him is the best way I know to express how much I love Him and how grateful I am.

I was once the paralyzed man (lost) and now I get to be the friend.

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