Nations are Waiting

As my plane moved slowly along the runway, I could see the full scope from my tiny window. Planes lifting into the air with powerful, loud thrusts. Planes landing, their wheels kicking up smoke and dust like a team of stampeding horses reined in. One after another in multiple directions. So much like cars on a freeway exchange except bigger, louder, more powerful.

The longer I watched, the more amazed I grew. The plane turned to take its place in line, giving me a better of view of the many planes lined up on the runway behind us. So many planes, small and large, lined up and waiting to embark on a journey.

I heard God’s soft voice say, “I send My children everywhere. All over the world. Nations are waiting.”

Our turn. The plane engines roared louder, anticipation built, speed increased until we finally launched into the sky.

My mind spoke back to God, “No turning back now.”

Called then sent. Commissioned then anointed. Equipped and empowered. The clouds part.

Nations are waiting.

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