Movie Review: I Am. . .Gabriel

This is new territory for me but I thought it would be interesting and helpful to review some faith based films. Special thanks a. larry ross communications for the opportunity to review  I Am. . .Gabriel and providing a copy of the movie.

What originally drew me to watch the movie was the cast. I’ve always appreciated John Schneider’s work (Smallville, etc.) and have always been a fan of Dean Cain (Lois & Clark). The film was directed by Mike Norris and does a pretty good job of telling a universal story. As God’s creatures we long to see the presence of God at work in our lives, especially when things are rough. I Am. . .Gabriel shoots out the gate with a very intense first scene and sets the stage for this “withering” town. From then on though the movie slows to a pace that would be great for a book but tends to drag a bit for a movie. The characters are good though at times the acting is stilted.

Faith based films are definitely improving and I see that trend even in I Am. . .Gabriel. The story makes it worth watching and overlooking some of its less than stellar aspects. And it’s a good family movie for sure. I can see children enjoying this film as long as Mom and Dad are aware that it does deal with some difficult areas pretty openly (death, suicide), so older kids perhaps. One of my favorite parts of the story is the message that “Gabe” brings with his prayer mat that God just wants us to talk to Him. So true!

Theologically, I’m sure there could be some arguments, but again, the premise of the story and the message of God’s love is really what shines through in this movie. And I so appreciate actors like Schneider and Cain who step out of the Hollywood glitz to give their talents for the kingdom of God.

I Am. . .Gabriel is sure to inspire you!

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