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I’m a kind of a movie nut and find nothing more relaxing than giving myself permission to sit and watch a movie. I love this time to just kind of “check-out” and be entertained. Besides this is good research for a writer to see how characterization is handled and to get ideas. No, joking. For real and for true. (I did say I have to give myself permission here.) So here is another movie review for you:

1 Message* is a story about a young woman named Becca who seems to have it all until she’s diagnosed with breast cancer. Her life pretty much does a 180 and where the movie starts is at the end of that turn around and she is not a pretty picture. As the story progresses the story behind her story unfolds in bits and pieces and we slowly get the full picture of what brought Becca to this shut in place in her life. The title, 1 Message, refers to a single email message that is the catalyst to turning her life back around and Becca’s journey back to the land of the living.

The movie is really done and the acting high caliber. Yes, this is a faith based film and in my opinion, one of the best kinds. I love stories like this where God’s more in the background putting the pieces in place. Kind of like the book of Esther in the Bible. And the ending is far from predictable. It’s a tad bittersweet but definitely full of encouragement and hope.

I definitely recommend this movie if you’re looking for something on the more serious side but not too serious and with some great doses of humor. Inspiring, well done and time well spent being entertained with quality material (i.e. not a waste of your time).

*Special thanks a. larry ross communications for the opportunity to review 1 Message and providing a copy of the movie.

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  1. Here, here, Dineen. I *really* agree that watching good movies/tv series is a good way to get plots, and see how the writers develop their characters. I haven’t seen the movied yet, but I am a huge fan of Christian, Faith-based films. Great review!
    (Now, I’ll have to see the movie!)

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