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Heaven’s Prey is a novel of suspense and redemption, so let’s have some fun with a “blog chase.” Follow the trail between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2013 for a chance to win a print copy of Heaven’s Prey.

You’re at the sixth stop in the chase. Welcome! You’ll need to visit each stop so you’ll know the answers for the quiz at the end … that’s how you enter the prize draw. To start at the beginning, click the arrow:

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Let’s peek into the story world:

Ruth watched Tony over her water glass. He’d been quiet for most of the meal.

His eyes met hers. Finally he spoke. “You’ve been praying for Silver, haven’t you?”

Ruth’s stomach fluttered. “How did you know?”

“Like I tell the students, I know everything.” He gave his eyebrows an exaggerated wiggle, then his frown deepened. “You’re not angry anymore. Good. But—this is the filth who murdered our niece!”

Tony’s face hardened. “Maybe you should save your prayers for people who deserve them.”

Ruth took a deep breath and willed her voice to hold steady. “I do pray for other people.” She watched his face as he scowled at his steak. “I pray for you.”

Tony’s knife scraped against his plate. “What about? My bad habits?”

“For your protection, and for wisdom in your choices. Mostly, I ask for Jesus to become real to you.”

“Look, just because you buy into this stuff doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.” Tony’s voice softened, and he reached to stroke her arm. “I’m glad you care so much about my life, but I don’t think prayer makes a difference.”

Ruth clutched his hand. “I love you! It tears me apart to think of you living and dying without God. You don’t want me to talk about it, so I pray.”

Stepping out of the story …

Did you know? Nova Scotia produces over 40 million pounds of wild blueberries per year. (This and more information at nswildblueberries.com) In Heaven’s Prey, Ruth makes blueberry pies like the one pictured below:

Photo of blueberry pie

Photo credit: Janet Sketchley

Heaven’s Prey releases November 1, 2013. Visit Choose NOW Publishing to read a sample chapter … just don’t forget to come back to the chase! Preorder links are on the Choose NOW site as well.

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  1. Thanks for being part of the Heaven’s Prey blog chase, Dineen. My characters Ruth and Tony are a spiritually mismatched couple, and after reading The Soul Saver I had a deeper understanding of that dimension of their relationship.

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