The Final Stroke

The Final Stroke
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Genres: Fiction, Inspirational
ISBN: 1983569356
Reveals the miracle they never anticipated.
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About the Book

The Final Painting… the Final Stroke

Ex-mercenary Elliott Harris has spent the last two years of his life restoring the lives of the families he helped destroy. The unoccupied third floor of Shiloah Sanctuary tells the story of each one—each room bears a mural he’s painted, revealing the redemption of the past. 

And now he’s painting the final mural—the one he’s dreaded most—because she has finally walked into his life and Shiloah Santuary. She calls herself Jennie but doesn’t have a clue about her true identity. But Elliott knows her and he knows her past.

Jennie doesn’t know how or why she woke up in a dirty San Francisco alley with a Jennie-O label plastered to her cheek. Desperate for help, Jennie stumbles into the nearby women’s shelter and meets the enigmatic Cassie who brings her to Shiloah Sanctuary, a peaceful place where she can rest and regain her memory.

As Jennie’s memories begin to return, her past begins to emerge. As do the dark threats still lingering from Elliott’s. Past and present collide, sending them both running for their lives and the truth. 

Yet the final brush stroke reveals the unexpected…a miracle they never anticipated.

Dineen Miller’s latest, The Final Stroke, is a perfectly paced story of redemption. An intricately layered plot with main characters, Elliott and Jennie, that are so true-to-life and identifiable, will leave readers with deep retrospect long after the final page has been read. Highly recommend!
Dineen Miller vividly portrays characters wrestling with their identity. The Final Stroke is a fast-paced, romantic thriller where the past crashes into the present, leaving each of the lead characters vulnerable and in danger. The truth will set them free, or will it? Miller, using a wonderful descriptive palette of colour, imagination and spiritual discernment, explores the essence of truth and identity, leaving the reader with much to ponder long after the last page is turned.
Acclaimed author and speaker Dineen Miller has done it again! From the first page of her new book The Final Stroke the reader is taken on a journey of re-discovery along with the main character “Jennie.” From the stunning visuals that are clearly written into the pages, to the times of intense feeling and emotion, this story doesn’t let you down. The reader truly grows with “Jennie” as she moves into her God-ordained identity. The Final Stroke is riveting, motivating and intriguing and a true “cover to cover” read. With engaging characters and a plot filled with mystery and suspense, this book is sure to grab the attention of all fiction lovers!
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