Back to the Cross

Hands holding cross

As I shared in an earlier post, toward the end of last year God spoke three words to me: Know my grace.

Since then I’ve been searching the Bible for a better understanding of God’s grace specific to my prayer.

Then recently in my Bible study small group, a piece of the puzzle fell into place. The author of the study we’re doing (Balancing Life’s Demands by Chip Ingram) made an eye-opening statement:

“Grace produces discipline.”

There was my connection. That which I sought as part of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) was directly related to God’s grace.

Once again, I’m brought back to the Cross. And what better time than now as we approach Easter, to reflect on God’s grace and what it means to each of us. If we are in dwelt by the Holy Spirit-the same Spirit “of Him who raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11)-then we have some pretty strong “mojo” working on our behalf.

I think the key is learning to rely on that power and strength from God to do the work in us instead of looking for the quick fix and do it ourselves. Isn’t that always the challenge though, to let go and trust God to do what we can’t? 

So now my search is more about resting in God and trusting that though I may not have a clear cut answer to this issue, God is at work in me to bring the desired result.

I confess it is a challenge to stay in that place of trust, especially since I’m so accustomed to finding solutions and solving problems. But deep in my spirit I sense God’s desire to do this for me so that I clearly understand He is the one who accomplishes this change. Not me.

My search for grace is really about understanding God’s love better and accepting His love as a gift, not something to be earned.

After all, He loved us so much that He gave us His Only Son (John 3:16), right? As I said, back at the foot of the Cross. I think I’ll sit and rest there a while.

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